Token Engineering Commons

In this issue of the TEC news, we combine the creativity and playfulness of unicorns & MegaBufficorns with the foundational #BUIDLing characteristics of Spork Marmots to bring you TEC concoctions from the rainbow walkway of ETH Denver’s Virtual Castle.

Throw in a sprinkling of collective psychosis, a never-large-enough dose of…

As our upcoming Hatch focus sharpens, tech stack iterates, cultural build propagates and active community blossoms at phenomenal rates, we take pause to:

💡 Ponder mission critical philosophical underpinnings
🌈 Contemplate Regenerative Stewardship & Incentive Alignment
📜 Debate Transparency & Explore Dispute Resolution
👥 Recognize the wondrously diverse and talented TEC community of…

Why we need a Token Engineering Commons

It’s been four months since the official kick off of the Token Engineering Commons (TEC). The community is blossoming and as we approach the launch of our token economy, we are aligning around our shared vision and mission — stewarding the cultivation of resources to accelerate the creation of robustly…

Latest news & Praise Leader Board: Dec. 19-Jan. 1

Happy New Year everyone! It has been a happy 2021 so far with the TEC in full sprint, building towards the hatch scheduled for March. There are some important votes underway, lively discussions in culture and an upcoming conflict resolution training open for participants.

👩‍🚀 Registration Now Open: Become a Graviton

The Gravity Working Group is…

Token Engineering Commons

@tecmns 🛠️Building tools for safe digital economies that protect & support public goods 🐣 $TEC token hatch coming soon Discord:

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