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Token Engineering Commons

Latest News & Praise Leader Board: March 27–April 9

MVV Voting on TokenLog

The TEC continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. As mentioned in our last Praise Quant Blog Post, we are hosting a second iteration of the Mission, Vision, and Value statement development process. The importance of this process cannot be overstated as this is the first time (we know of) that the mission, vision, and values of a DAO are being proposed and decided upon by the community, before its launch. The juicy details are below, but long story short 👉 VOTE on the TEC MVVs now TokenLog

Apologies for the…

Image by Freedumbs00

While we are mostly heads down and noses to the proverbial grindstone in preparation for our upcoming TE Commons Hatch, we couldn’t help but notice all the NFT hubub. Beeple, Christie’s, 5000 Days, $69 million — NFT WTF!?!?!

So what the heck is non-fungibility and how does it relate to the TEC? For conversation sake, let’s simplify the definition of non-fungible to unique, not interchangeable. The TE Commons is both unique & not interchangeable. Combining our Cultural Build with an innovative, open-source Technical Stack, our approach focuses on sustainable and ethical design for Token Ecosystems built by Token Engineers. We…

Latest News & Praise Leader Board: Feb. 13–27

Image by @freedumbs00

As per usual, this biweekly slice of the TE Commons pie is a dense cross-section revealing layers of structure and wonder as the community builds and coalesces towards our upcoming Hatch!

Grab some ice cream or a coffee, come learn more about how we layer this confection with cultural pillars & technical innovations and stuff it full of community selected parameters, parameters, parameters… 👇

📜 Disputable Voting Parameters 🐣 How We Will Choose the Hatch Parameters 🤖 Gitcoin cadCAD Model Research Co-Labs 🐦 The Great Discord Migration 📣 TEC Looking for Writers & Content Producers 🎮 The Commons Simulator Game…

Image by @freedumbs00

In this issue of the TEC news, we combine the creativity and playfulness of unicorns & MegaBufficorns with the foundational #BUIDLing characteristics of Spork Marmots to bring you TEC concoctions from the rainbow walkway of ETH Denver’s Virtual Castle.

Throw in a sprinkling of collective psychosis, a never-large-enough dose of Ape Unit, and a charged dash of positive change catalysts and you end up with a smorgasbord of Token Engineering delicacies for your mental digestion.

👄 Take a bite and discover the multitude of ways the Token Engineering Commons is advancing the token engineering ecosystem.

🦄 TEC at ETH Denver

Community Steward Livia Deschermayer presents…

Latest News & Praise Leader Board: Jan. 15 — Feb. 1

Image by @freedumbs00

As our upcoming Hatch focus sharpens, tech stack iterates, cultural build propagates and active community blossoms at phenomenal rates, we take pause to:

💡 Ponder mission critical philosophical underpinnings
🌈 Contemplate Regenerative Stewardship & Incentive Alignment
📜 Debate Transparency & Explore Dispute Resolution
👥 Recognize the wondrously diverse and talented TEC community of ethical builders and thought leaders

🌱 After discovering that the TEC is combining established engineering practices with a complementary cultural framework to build the next generation of decentralized economies and infrastructure, we hope you will come help us build a world with robust and resilient economies and…

Why we need a Token Engineering Commons

90’s TEC throwback: Why are we here? in a word cloud.

It’s been four months since the official kick off of the Token Engineering Commons (TEC). The community is blossoming and as we approach the launch of our token economy, we are aligning around our shared vision and mission — stewarding the cultivation of resources to accelerate the creation of robustly engineered models, modular tools, standards and educational opportunities that advance the field of token engineering in a regenerative way. In short — advancing token engineering.

Why Token Engineering?

Token Engineering is truly a transdisciplinary field, reflected by the amazing humans who are drawn to the Token Engineering Commons. We are engineers, scientists, researchers…

Latest news & Praise Leader Board: Dec. 19-Jan. 1

Happy New Year everyone! It has been a happy 2021 so far with the TEC in full sprint, building towards the hatch scheduled for March. There are some important votes underway, lively discussions in culture and an upcoming conflict resolution training open for participants.

👩‍🚀 Registration Now Open: Become a Graviton

The Gravity Working Group is a collective that aims to bring people together and promote resilience in decentralized organizations by training its members in non-violent communication, understanding and analyzing conflict and techniques to manage it (internally, individually and collectively).

The mission is to help build a culture of wellbeing and high vibes, while also pointing…

Latest News & Praise Leader Board: Nov. 21 — Dec. 4

After another two weeks of marathon development, we are in our last sprint before some of us take a holiday break. But before we get too cozy with our chestnuts, we’ve got some big news to share on the latest work of the Token Engineering Commons. (Luckily, it’s going waaaay better than that GIF ☝️)

🌱 Funding Proposal Submissions Now Open!

Latest news & Praise Leader Board: Nov. 6–20

A preview of the latest Test Hatch application currently under development

It’s been another exciting two weeks full of bustling activity, innovation and developments in the Token Engineering Commons. Our community is growing rapidly, exploring and learning together, as we discuss and decide the different aspects surrounding the token launch that will affect how we covest and fund Token Engineering projects with our shared resources.

🗳 Vote to Launch in Two Phases

One of the biggest proposals and decisions that was made in the last two weeks, was whether or not to launch the TEC in one part or two. The Tech Spec working group and other contributors submitted a proposal to launch in two parts; instead of…

Latest news & Praise Leader Board: Oct. 24 — Nov. 6

We are in our third iteration of testing for the hatch 🐣 and as tech development speeds up, the next decisions the community has to make are some of the most important for the launch of the TE economy:

Token Engineering Commons

@tecmns 🛠️Building tools for safe digital economies that protect & support public goods 🐣 $TEC token hatch coming soon Discord:

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